Our natural materials –

A garantee for you of compabilty and individuality

Every individual leather hide we use is distinct, imprinted by the breed, type of animal and its respective life story,

Our tanning process accentuates these characteristics of the hide even more.

By using a natural aniline colouring process the leather emanates an elegance and warmth typical of this natural material. Its natural structures, pores, corrugations and grain will always remain visible.


  • Leather is exclusively crafted,
  • It is extremely durable, soft and supple,
  • A unique special dressing process gives it a no-slip surface,
  • Stubben leather is particularly skin-friendly and environmentally sound.


  • Use only Stubben saddle soaps to clean your saddle and bridle work.
  • Use a damp cotton cloth or sponge with either Stubben tub soap or Stubben pH neutral liquid soap to slean your equipment