From amateur enthusiasts to Olympic equestrians, OnTyte represents a whole new level of riding performance.

OnTyte Magnetic Stirrups use a specially engineered, patent pending magnetic system to secure your boots to your stirrups. A simple shift in position allows for easy dismount and release, providing a safer, more focused ride.


  • Increased contact with your horse
  • Better security and balance
  • Proper foot and leg positioning
  • Approved for use in FEI competitions across all disciplines.
OnTyte Magnetic Stirrups are to be used in conjunction with the Magnetic boot soles which are bought separately and can be attached by any boot maker to any riding boot. Model available is the composite lightweight black irons.
Simply take the sole kit – along with your own boots – to a qualified cobbler to have them resoled with OnTyte. Instructions are included. Sizes regular (ladies’ up to 81/2) or large (ladies’ 9 and up and men’s).
Does not include cost of resoling.